Jiangsu Eastchina Computer Room Group is a Professional group integrated with developing,manufacturing,installing and serving.We are raised access flooring manufacturer in China.It awarded the honorable title of national high-tech rights in anti-static calcium sulphate raised access flooring possesses of high-tech products.

Our products are access floor,raised floor,raised access floor,anti static floor,metal ceiling,,aluminum raised floor,wood core raised floor,calcium sulphate raised floor,raised floor accessories and so on in china. Room engineering industry is currently the only company. Through twenty years of continuous efforts,the company has reached an annual production capacity of 5 million. J.E.C.C has got the ISO9001 international quality assurance;products are up to SJ/T10796-2001 standard,also in accordance with American CISCA standard,British MOB standard EN 12825 and Japan Post Ministry standard.Jiangsu Eastchina Computer Room Group is a research and development,manufacturing,installation and service as one of the professional group.



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